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President & Tournament Coordinator:  Mark Maccumber

Vice President / Advertising: Vacant

Secretary / Statistician / Website Maintenance: Vacant

Tournament Coordinator: Brayden Van Driesten

Treasurer: Melanie Stelfox

Scheduler / Booking Coordinator:

Director/Legal Counsel:

Division Reps

A-Division: Damon Holmen

B-Division: Vacant

C-Division: Jeff Meadows



  • Organize executive meetings (5 or 6 meetings over the course of the season;
  • Plan and chair start-up meeting (mid-summer);
  • Begin advertising, plan registration night, pre-season tournament, 2 captain’s meetings, year-end tourney, social, etc.
  • Ensure general operation of league;
  • Address problems brought up by executive members & team reps;
  • Delegate any jobs (tournaments, social, etc.);
  • Review and discuss budget with treasurer;
  • Oversee gym rental agreements (LCK & City of Lethbridge);
  • Chair general meeting at year-end tournament to fill positions for next year’s executive;
  • Total time commitment over course of year is 30-40 hours over the 6 month season

Vice-President / Advertising

  • Assist President with all duties;
  • Coordinate with team hosting year-end social to book facility and finalize details;
  • Coordinate advertising toward the end of summer. Create & hang posters, ad in the Lethbridge Recreational Guide, radio spots, get site posted on the City of Lethbridge website;
  • Time commitment <10 hours depending on help required by President.


  • Attend registration meeting to collect and deposit registration fees (2 hours);
  • Prepare a budget (1-2 hours);
  • Report to executive on finances of league (2 hours cumulative over the year);
  • Balance monthly bank statement (15 minutes/month);
  • Pay for gym rentals, advertising materials, website cost, year-end prizes, etc.;
  • Apply for league insurance (usually done through AVA)
  • Collect monies charged to teams for defaults;
  • Total time commitment is less than 8 hours for season.

Statistician / Website Maintenance

  • Collect & record weekly results from each division rep;
  • Record any forfeits/defaults over course of the year and advise President & Treasurer of required payment of performance bonds;
  • Post schedules, weekly results, events, upcoming tournaments, general news, registration details, etc. on website;
  • Keep executive members list current on website;
  • Advise scheduler of teams moving between divisions after each rotation;
  • Determine positioning for year-end tournament;
  • Total time commitment is <30 minutes/week with increased time required at the end of each round and the start/end of the season.

Scheduler / Booking Coordinator

  • Contact the necessary venues and inform them of our required time slots for the up-coming volleyball season during (done in February)
  • Book the facilities. Includes time for the pre-season tournament in September, weekly league play for A, B, and C Divisions, year-end tournament in March, Snowball Tournament in Janaury or February;
  • Double check that enough weeks are booked and that the facilities are not booked on holidays (ex. Halloween, Reading Week, Christmas) and that you find make-up nights available for them. It is much easier to do this earlier in the year than later.
  • Determine schedules for each round of play for each division based on the number of teams in the league.
  • Total time commitment is 8-10 hours (8 hours for scheduling, 2 hours for facility bookings)

Tournament Coordinator

  • Communicates upcoming tournaments and provides registration information to interested teams
  • Gathers information and confirmations from teams regarding league tournaments and other tournaments
  • Creates schedules and brackets for tournaments held by LCVL and communicates schedules to teams
  • Helps in setting up venues for tournaments and coordinating tournament packages for teams.
  • Coordinates welcoming of teams and updates of tournament results.

Division Reps

  • Gather and report game scores to statistician.
  • Make calls to team captains if the scores are not submitted on a timely basis;
  • Obtain and keep original score sheets.
  • Communicate issues from teams to the executive;
  • Report mis-conduct on the court, forfeits/defaults & other problems to executive members;
  • Mitigate concerns/problems between teams within division;
  • Ensure games start on time;
  • Know the rules;
  • Total time commitment is <15 minutes/week if scores are submitted on time.