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League Paused:

Hey Captains


After some review by our Executive on the recent restrictions, it looks like we will have to put a pause on our season for now. Our intention is to start back up whenever we will be permitted to do so. We are committed to running a season this year, even if that means it is just 2 rotations instead of 3 or some other variation. We now have our league night gym time secured and will be looking at picking up time to host a seeding tourney if possible when things open up.

We will be pro-rating refunds for teams based on any gym time we are not using. So teams should expect some form of refund at the end of the season.

We will keep our thumbs on details and get things up and running ASAP. Until then.......

Keep Fit and Have Fun!!!!!!"" - Hal Johnson and Joanne McCloed from Body Break.

LCVL President 

Devin Mulder
Submitting Regular Season Scores:

Dear members! The easiest way to submit scores is to:

1) Find someone with a smart phone.

2) Take a picture of the scoresheet with your phone.

3) Email that picture to the league representative.

*If your team is missing scores you have one week to send them in. If no scores are sent in, what was recorded on the scoresheet will remain.


Singles List Information

Due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to run a Singles List this year - sorry.