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2020-2021 League Update:



Unfortunately, due to the most recent provincial COVID restrictions, the city has informed us that we will have to suspend starting our 2nd rotation for now. Our intention for the season is to return to play when restrictions and guidelines allow. However, for the time being, we have decided to cancel rotation 2 in hopes that we can resume in January for rotations 3 & 4.



We will be seeking reimbursement for our lost bookings and intend to refund teams accordingly for the missed rotation(s). This will likely not happen until the end of the season when our treasurer is able to compute our costs/refund values.

 I will keep you up to speed with any information regarding return to play. 


Please share this information with your teammates and keep an eye here as we will be posting updates here.



LCVL President

Devin Mulder
  Submitting Regular Season Scores:

Dear members! The easiest way to submit scores is to:

1) Find someone with a smart phone.

2) Take a picture of the scoresheet with your phone.

3) Email that picture to the league representative.

*If your team is missing scores you have one week to send them in. If no scores are sent in, what was recorded on the scoresheet will remain.


Singles List Information

Due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to run a Singles List this year - sorry.