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2020-2021 League Update:

I am very excited to announce that we are a go for Vball this season!


To make this possible, our ‘LCVL’ executive has worked diligently to secure gym space and get our ‘return to play’ guidelines accepted by both the Y.M.C.A and the City of Lethbridge. 

Please understand that much effort has gone into making this possible and teams will have to be flexible as well as diligent following any changing guidelines/protocols. As such, our executive will have much higher expectations this season for all players to be aware of guidelines and follow them to the best of their abilities. 

Cost of registration for this season is $850, which is similar to previous years. It should be noted that this is the same fee as last season. Weekly league play expenses have increased due to rental rates at each facility increasing considerably. However, there are also cost savings given that because of A.H.S COVID-19 guidelines we are unable to offer our traditional seeding, Snowball, and year-end tournaments, as they would not align with the indoor gathering restrictions to-date.

We are able to accommodate 24 teams this season instead of the usual 28. This is because we have 1 less court at the Y.M.C.A than we did at CCH West. So…. the first 24 paid teams, who also submit a fully completed roster will be accepted.  

  • Deadline for Registration is Sept 25. 

  • Rosters must be submitted to me via e-mail using the attached roster template. (We strongly encourage teams to have a minimum of 5 guys and 5 gals on their rosters, as we will not be able to supply a singles list this season.)

  • Incomplete rosters will not be accepted, as we will need all of the listed information for A.H.S and insurance reasons.

  • Payment should be made via e-transfer to our Treasurer ‘Chase Barendregt’ at chasebarendregt@hotmail.com ensuring you include your captain and team name in the message. 


LCVL President

Devin Mulder


Submitting Regular Season Scores:

Dear members! The easiest way to submit scores is to:

1) Find someone with a smart phone.

2) Take a picture of the scoresheet with your phone.

3) Email that picture to the league representative.

*If your team is missing scores you have one week to send them in. If no scores are sent in, what was recorded on the scoresheet will remain.


Singles List Information

Due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to run a Singles List this year - sorry.