Welcome to the LCVL Website

I have great news about the league start-up to share with you all. Our executive has been putting in significant efforts to organize and prepare for our return to play. We are now just waiting on a final confirmation from the city confirming and approving our access to secured gym time. Following is information about our start-up as well as some changes that have been made to streamline communication as well as protect us from some potential liability moving forward. Please ensure you share this with all of your teammates.

We will be starting league play next week! (assuming we receive confirmation from the city.)

The City of Lethbridge via our user agreement requires us to follow their Exemption Program. Part of this REP requires us to ensure all users present a POV to enter the facilities. Because we wanted to ensure our due diligence, not burden captains with this task, and a plethora of other reasons, we have elected to hire a security company to have a person stationed at all of our venues on league nights.

We are in the process of adding the “TeamSnap” App as a means of league registration, communication, and scheduling. I would assume that captains will be receiving an invite via email sometime in the coming weeks. For those unfamiliar with TeamSnap, many other sports organizations use it and it is a very useful tool for both team and league organization. Captains will likely have the option to add all of their teammates and gain access to the “availability” function whereby you can track which of your players will be attending each league night, as well as league schedules and a variety of other functions.

The official schedule will be out ASAP, but plan for the following nights of play. Below is a list of which teams will be starting in which divisions. Please keep in mind that you may not be starting in your ultimate preferred division, but you have the opportunity to move after 3 weeks.
A Div - Thursday @ CCH Campus West
B Div - Tuesday @ Fritz Sick
C Div - Wednesday @ Fritz Sick

Because we were unable to run our Seeding tournament because of the recent restrictions, we forfeited that time at the College, but will be running a shortened 3 week rotation to accomplish the same task. Top 2 teams from both B and C divisions will move up after the first rotation and bottom 2 teams from both A and B divisions will move down. We will continue after the Christmas break with 2 normal 6-7 week rotations with movement again after rotation 2; and all seeding carries us into our League Tournament which is planned for March.